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The structure of the foot

Child's foot     A baby's foot contains no fully formed bones at all — the shape of your child's foot is mapped out in soft , pliable cartilage with no discernible arch. As your child grows this cartilage will ossify, becoming more and more solid, protected throughout by a layer of subcutaneous tissue, or puppy fat. This is why your baby's feet look so soft and squeezable, but also why they are so vulnerable and need lots of care.

There are three main stages to your babies walking development: 
In the early stages Babies feet are made of soft cartilage, there are no bones formed and the structure of the foot is malleable. This means that constrictive footwear such as tight socks or baby grows can damage the foot and so at this stage we recommend that barefoot is best.

There are many forms of crawling or shuffling, each unique to the child and some just skip straight to walking stage but if your child is happy to crawl then we recommend a pair of pre walker shoes. These shoes are light and flexible, a great starting point for those early steps in comparison with heavy and hard soled shoes meant for more developed walking. The shoes have rubber soles which offer a strong grip and protection against bumps and come in a variety of width fittings to ensure that you get the
best fit for your child.

Wobbly walking is probably the most entertaining stage of development watching their first tentative steps, but when your child is walking confidently it is time for their first pair of walking shoes. This special first pair will make it easier for them to explore new situations and give them the opportunity to gain confidence and independence.


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